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PT. WIN - Qualified People Recruitment and Development
Jakarta Barat, DKI Jakarta
Profil Perusahaan

Life insurance industry is one of the biggest industry in the financial sector in Indonesia. This industry has a huge market and continuously grows along with the population growth. Prudential Life Assurance is the number one, the biggest, and the most trusted company in the life insurance industry in Indonesia. Its products are the best and the most preferred in the market. Prudential Life Assurance run the business through Independent Marketing Offices. PT. Wahana Inti Nugraha is one of them. Champion is our brand name. Main activities: 1. Selling the right product to the right customer in the right purpose. 2. Maintaining customer satisfaction, customer intimacy, and customer loyalty. 3. Hiring new business partners. 4. Developing all business partners to become great Leaders, and even great entrepreneur. If you join us, you will get opportunity: 1. To get high income (commision, bonus, royalty) 2. To get the fastest caree path 3. To get overseas travelling 4. To achieve international award MDRT 5. To build your own business in insurance industry. 6. And much more

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